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Un Lavoro (A Job)

(2001) So just how does a 19-year old American girl go about finding a job in Italy?  My conversation partner, who had lived over there for a time, assured me that he had seen it done; waitresses, help for the … Continue reading

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L’Idea (The Idea)

(2000) The French class never happened.  In those first few days of Italian 101, I fell head over heels with this new language.  I loved the musicality of it, how it rolled off your tongue.  I loved that the first … Continue reading

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L’Inizio (The Beginning)

(1999) The road that led me to that simple purchase is quite long and windy, peppered with those small and seemingly insignificant decisions. However, I can trace the beginning back to one fateful moment. I was a freshman in college, just … Continue reading

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